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25 Golden Door Wellness Tips

Golden Door Wellness Tips

The following 25 Wellness Tips have come from our professional and passionate GD Team and cover the 6 Core Practices we attest to here at Golden Door…. Movement, Education, Nutrition, Restoration, Environment and Exploration.  Perhaps choose just one tip to focus on this week….

  1. Notice things outside of yourself that are bigger than you.
  2. Every body is different. Try not to fall victim to each new fad diet or trend.
  3. Become aware of the movement of the mind… the movement of thoughts coming and going.
  4. Look for the A-ha moments in life.
  5. Giving yourself rest and relaxation is the key to restoration.
  6. Posture and breathing are intrinsically linked. Good posture = a relaxed breath.
  7. Life is a treasure hunt back to yourself. Have the courage to explore your higher self.
  8. Breathe in and out of your heart whilst holding a loving memory.
  9. When reading a food label, if you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it.
  10. Spend some time in nature and marvel at the utter beauty and perfection of mother earth.
  11. See movement as an investment, every little bit counts and it all adds up.
  12. The best education is self-education.  Know Thy Self.
  13. Don’t take movement seriously, just regularly.
  14. Remember the natural state of the body is a relaxed state.
  15. Your body listens to every word you say. So cheer it on!
  16. Try not to eat standing up.
  17. Set a goal to try one new healthy recipe a week to keep your diet interesting and evolving.
  18. Remove the clutter and the amazing will unfold.
  19. Building a resilient nature is often more about how we recover rather than how we endure.
  20. Positively support your nervous system… take time to restore.
  21. Good preparation and planning is the key to sustaining a healthy eating plan.
  22. Surround yourself with the positive and encouraging – your success will happen.
  23. It takes focus and courage to examine our beliefs, habits and opinions objectively.
  24. Don’t underestimate the power of laughter.
  25. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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