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Golden Door Success Story

Golden Door Success Story

A Significant Connection…

As I drive through the unassuming gates, I am embraced with the safety of familiar arms. My friends need no explanation when they hear me refer to my special place. I catch my cheeky grin in the rear-vision mirror. After almost ten visits, it’s natural to take a deep breath on arrival, and I can’t help but reflect on the integral role that Golden Door has played in shaping my life.

How could I not be drawn in? My passions… the mind, body, and spirit are the focus. I am the focus. Life pressures, relationship dramas, and external influences, are paused, while delicious food, activities, and pampering are all taken care of. Ahhhhh. Serenity is expected, but what happened on my third visit was totally unexpected

In the midst of grief and heartache, I met a man who offered me hope. I was hiding from my life, not realising how close I was to an exciting new chapter. It didn’t happen instantly, but an email from this same man eight months later, ignited a relationship that grew out of our shared interests. Mark and I have been together for over seven years, and were married last year. We feel blessed that the universe united us at Golden Door after a series of serendipitous events, and we always enjoy revisiting as ‘The Golden Door Couple.’

I often wonder why such a significant connection took place at Golden Door? Maybe it’s where I am free to be me. Where I stop trying and start being. I’m not suggesting that Golden Door is a place to find your soulmate, but you are sure to find something within yourself. I believe if you do the things you love, you will be led to your destiny, whatever that may be. My life would not be the same without this chance meeting, the influence of the staff, along with the unexplainable magic of Golden Door Health Retreat.


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