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How to make sustainable New Year’s resolutions…..

What New Year’s resolutions do you make…….every year? I won’t eat chocolate, I will exercise more, I won’t drink alcohol, I will eat less, I will spend more time with family and friends and less time at work.

Do these sound familiar? I suspect they do and unfortunately they are destined to fail for a number of reasons. Most of these resolutions are negative, rigid and rather open ended. If we were a little more specific and forgiving with our resolution setting then they might be a tad easier to nail. For example, I will only eat 3 chocolate bars of no more than 45gm each week, I will go for a 45 minute walk 3 times each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday before work, I will have 2 alcoholic drinks (and I don’t mean fill a bucket!) on Friday and Saturday, I will eat 3 nutritious, portion controlled meals each day and have 3 meals a week where I can be somewhat freer in my food choices, I will make an appointment to catch up with BFF on the 3rd weekend in January, I will limit my hours at work to my contracted 40 per week, 3 weeks in 4. Can you see how these are extremely specific goals, often with time frames and they involve a lot of 3s and 4s!!! That is coincidence but I like it and I think we can use it to keep us on track. Write them down, be specific, be reasonable with yourself and make them achievable. If you really want to keep yourself accountable then post them here so we can all read them!


I’m going to help with the ‘exercise more’ resolution with a short video to help you incorporate just 5 minutes of exercise into your day, particularly focused on the holiday period. The exercises can be altered and adjusted to suit your abilities – if you need more ideas then please throw a question out and the collective group can make suggestions. When on holidays it is often extremely difficult to stick to your New Year’s resolution of more exercise due to the abundance of temptation and the need to mentally rest. This usually means we sloth around eating more than usual and exercising less than usual!  I find moving the body in the outdoors actually helps me mentally rest, especially if I am in the bush as I have to concentrate on where I put my feet to avoid tripping. My question for each of you is – water or bush? What is your pacifier? What settles you when you are busy, stressed or overwhelmed. It might be neither but I have found for most people they can resonate with one or the other (sometimes both if you are lucky). One of our beautiful members, Kristy,  is most definitely water and luckily she lives close to the beach (this is no accident, we often select where we wish to live based on how we wish to feel when we are in our own space – calm, settled, happy) and is able to walk or just sit on the beach most days. Remember that if you don’t have an hour to walk on the beach then take 10 minutes – it will all help! Enjoy the video, use it to keep moving over the holidays if you have some downtime, take care of yourselves and let’s charge in 2019 with all guns blazing!

Article by:
Melissa Ingram
Clinical Health Services Manager
Retreat physiotherapist
Personal Trainer
Wellness Coach

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