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Loren Miller – Registered nurse and nurse educator and her study on reduction of blood pressure 

Hi, my name is Loren. My background is as a Registered Nurse with many years working in Coronary Care and also community programs that encompassed Chronic Disease management and rehabilitation. I also have a teaching qualification and have spent time working in schools, classroom teaching.

Both of my qualifications seem to be a perfect fit for my role as Nurse Educator at Golden Door. I spent many years prior to working here looking after people who were critically or chronically unwell. In most cases these situations could’ve been avoided through diet and lifestyle changes. This is what drew me to work at Golden Door. I’m passionate about educating people about how their bodies work and the changes they can make to prevent themselves from becoming critically or chronically unwell. The work I get to do here is incredibly rewarding.

Over the past six months our Golden Door Clinical team have been busy conducting a blood pressure study. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) affects close to six million Australians and is closely linked to issues like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and inadequate physical activity.

Long term effects of high blood pressure can be incredibly serious and debilitating and include damaged or narrowed arteries, aneurysm, coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke, dementia, kidney problems and damage to the eyes.

Our study tested guests’ blood pressure on arrival and then two days later. Blood pressure is the measure of the blood against the wall of the arteries. Our overall findings indicated that over a 48hr period, guests at Golden Door with high blood pressure were able to reduce Systolic pressure by 9.2% and diastolic pressure by 13.7%. These are incredible reductions for our guests to achieve in such a short period of time. In some cases, guests who were medicated were even able to – under the guidance of their GP – reduce their blood pressure medication or come off it completely during their stay with us. We’ve labelled this “The Golden Door Effect”.

Our findings indicate that “The Golden Door Effect” is truly achievable for guests during their stay. Our programs offer a healthy diet, an increase in physical activity, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and a stress-free, alcohol-free and cigarette-free environment. It is the combination of all of these things that we believe has resulted in our guests with high blood pressure being able to see such significant reductions.

Number crunching analysis of the Blood Pressure stats.

Overall the reduction over a 48 hour period

  • Systolic 9.2%
  • Diastolic 13.7%


  • Systolic 8.25%
  • Diastolic 10.6%


  • Systolic 16.4%
  • Diastolic 15.2%


  • Systolic 9.8%
  • Diastolic 15.6%


  • Systolic 8.1%
  • Diastolic 15.7%


  • Systolic 4.8%
  • Diastolic 12.2%

20-29yo (small sample size of 3)

  • Systolic 3%
  • Diastolic 21%

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