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Weight Loss Accountability Apps

There are an enormous number of weight loss accountability apps available free and to purchase – which ones are useful and how do I best utilise them?

The Charles Perkins Centre through the Sydney University did a wonderful study of many of these apps and rated them as to how useful they were. Not necessarily how effective, just useful!!!

They suggest that when looking for an app you search for a credible source, developed by health professionals so the app actually does something relevant for helping users lose weight.

Ideally the app must encourage behavioural change by using motivational components such as offering points, levels, feedback or rewards and challenges. It must also be easy to use and allow you to log food from an Australian database.

I think the most effective use if an app such as this is to understand how much food (and how many calories) you are consuming on a daily basis. Getting a clear idea of portion size is vital to being able to accurately log food and be honest with yourself. Unfortunately the downside of these apps is that logging foods over a continual period of time becomes boring and tedious so an initial period of education with respect to consumption would be my recommendation. It would be much more effective to have ongoing counselling and coaching to identify goals and barriers then establish a plan to follow and this just isn’t available in an app.

The Charles Perkins Centre rated the following apps as being worth a try:


Lose it

Noom weight loss

Control my weight

Calorie counter pro


Your challenge for July is to trial one of these apps and see how much information it gives you.

Article by:

  • Melissa Ingram
  • Clinical Health Services Manager
  • Retreat physiotherapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Wellness Coach

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