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Welcome to Golden Door Australia’s Corporate Wellness programs. Conscious leadership acknowledging the importance of employee health and wellbeing has emerged as an effective paradigm for strong and sustainable businesses.

Corporate Wellness Retreat Program | Golden Door Australia

For more than 25 years, Golden Door has created positive impacts in the corporate workplace by motivating and empowering tens of thousands of people at an individual level.

Improve your workplace wellness and corporate culture with our leadership and corporate wellness programs. Our activities and seminars facilitate stress management and team building for enhanced employee wellbeing

Our purpose-built environment at Golden Door Wellness Retreat supports and encourages healthy living and creative thinking. The venue offers an ideal escape for teams and individuals to recharge with its mountainous landscape, stunning scenery and fresh air in the Hunter Valley.

We understand that your people are your greatest investment. To get the best out of your team, empower them to be energised, motivated, focused and mentally resilient.

Corporate Wellness Retreat Program | Golden Door Australia

Why Corporate Wellness?

Our comprehensive health and wellbeing programs offer the opportunity to remove the distraction of typical daily challenges in the workplace or the home, and to focus on health and wellbeing goals so that individuals are less stressed and empowered to optimise their performance at work and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Golden Door’s proven retreat programs of more than 25 years consist of empowering workshops, healthy nutritious food, fitness activities and mindfulness to help individuals and teams to develop a range of positive skills that are essential to effectively manage their everyday lives and realise their potential in the workplace.

The key benefits to your workplace of a Golden Door program

  • Refreshed and inspired individuals and teams.
  • Improved mental health and resilience.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • More motivated, driven and enthusiastic leaders creating a ripple effect throughout the organisation.
  • Greater perspective and ability to perform at one’s creative and strategic best.


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