Corporate Wellness by Golden Door – Brigid Walsh, General Manager

Welcome to Golden Door Australia’s Corporate Wellness programs. Conscious leadership and the belief in employee health and wellbeing is emerging as a new paradigm for strong and sustainable businesses.

For more than 20 years Golden Door’s world-class health and wellbeing programs have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people. Our holistic approach to coaching, education, nutrition and fitness have an outstanding proven track record, enabling individuals to make better lifestyle choices and achieve personal improvement. We have built a solid foundation and an excellent reputation for creating a great vibe and energy that comes from a passionate and highly skilled team.

Importantly, Golden Door affects change that extends to the needs of the corporate workplace by motivating and empowering people at an individual level. Our purpose-built environment at Golden Door retreat supports and encourages healthy living and creative thinking. The venue offers an ideal escape with its mountainous landscape, stunning scenery and fresh air in the Hunter Valley to recharge and replenish individuals and teams to be at their best. At Golden Door we fully understand that people are one of your biggest investments and that to have them energised, motivated, focused and mentally at their best, gives your business the best chance of optimum performance.

Our Corporate Wellness programs by Golden Door are designed to;

  • create a shift in one’s thinking: to enlighten, inspire and thrive,
  • to motivate change and establish new healthy habits for a better life and workplace.

This could be one of the most strategic steps you can take as a leader.

“The better you take care of your people and yourself, the better they will take care of business”

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