Fast Track Your Change to Wellness

At Golden Door, we understand how hard it is to create change in the workplace. Golden Door Corporate Wellness Programs provide the environment that will fast-track you and your team’s receptiveness, participation levels and results for all your other workplace corporate wellness activities. This will bring about a paradigm shift in their thinking and your corporate culture, improving business outcomes while making you an employer of choice.

Statistics of Workers

  • 10% of Australian workers are sedentary;
  • 40% do minimal exercise;
  • 12% exercise less than one hour per week
  • 46% have high-fat diets;
  • 92% eat less than the recommended servings of 5-9 serves of fruit & vegetables
  • 21% smoke daily
  • 53% feel overwhelmed with pressure and stress “a significant amount of the time”

How much is this costing your company? 

Golden Door has a team of highly skilled health, wellness and medical professionals who deliver a broad range of seminars, workshops and activities to educate, coach and motivate individuals on the many areas of self-development. They will guide them to making the right choices in all aspects of their lives, especially in relation to their health, careers and the workplace.

Our flagship 3 night ‘Motivate For Change’, 5 night ‘Optimal Wellness’ and 7 night ‘Health Enhancement’ programs are a complete and integrated live-in package which address all areas of health, wellness and mindfulness for your team as it relates to both their personal and work life. You can also tailor programs for groups which are designed to meet your specific needs.

Golden Door’s Health and Wellness programs have proven long term results for over 21 years. You and your people will be empowered and wanting to grow professionally and personally to achieve:

  • Improvement in productivity;
  • Increase in active participation;
  • Build mental toughness and resilience;
  • Create openness and approachability;
  • Cultivate drive, determination and enthusiasm;
  • Build an inspired team and individuals;
  • Grow a grateful, appreciative workforce.

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