The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) represents a unique opportunity for individuals to reflect deeply on what drives their wellbeing at work and in their personal life – the factors that enhance their wellbeing and those that detract from it.

The GLWS goes well beyond the more obvious physical wellness drivers and includes aspects such as an individual’s intellectual engagement in what they do and the extent to which they derive meaning and a sense of purpose from their work.

Two organisational psychologists developed the survey, with managers and leaders in mind but the results can be applied to all levels.


Wellness Coaching helps you develop practical take-home tools to navigate personal obstacles to become your best possible self.  The coaching process facilitates deep personal learning and  combined with the immersion creates a pathway for success allowing individual goals to be realised.

The individual’s results from the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey are used to guide this session and determine an individual’s priority areas and assist them to set personal goals and an action plan for their wellbeing.


Mindfulness training helps develop skills required to harness concentration for performance, avoid mental fatigue and burn out and boost productivity, while supporting sustainable mental health. It is structured around clinically proven techniques and is personally driven toward your individual modern work/life environments.

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