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A group of nine senior managers from a national aviation service provider participated in our three night Corporate Wellness program.

We checked in after three months and found the team had sustained fantastic results.

Their Regional Senior Vice President spoke to us about the lasting impact the Golden Door experience had on his team:

“Every member of the team describes their Golden Door retreat as a life-changing experience. The one-to-one sessions we had with the Golden Door team were particularly impactful. Collectively, we have lost 62 kilograms in weight – with one member of the group alone losing 21 kilograms – and have made a range of lifestyle changes such as cutting down on coffee or alcohol and improving our diet. As a team, we think a great deal more about health and wellbeing.”

A similar story of enormous benefits to health and wellness is common feedback from our individual corporate guests.

The Chairman of the Ocean Nourishment Corporation, shared his journey of wellness with us and we were delighted to hear that he had found such impressive results.

It is almost a week since I left Golden Door and I have not stopped thinking about the learning I now have. It’s fair to say I arrived with some trepidation, after a mate suggested a five night corporate wellness package would be good for me. A little weird at first but I soon settled in and felt comfortable that it was okay to put myself first for a week. The quality of the program is exceptional as is the calibre of the staff. I leave there as a changed person, noting that incremental changes in habit can make an incredible difference to my outlook, stress and wellbeing.

Ocean Nourishment Corporation FIEAust, MAICD

Another group that Golden Door was able to facilitate transformational experiences for that benefit the workplace was Vigorella.

“The Golden Door Corporate Wellness experience gave me the opportunity to regroup, rebalance and accept myself and my life. Giving my staff the same opportunity and experience was rewarding on many levels.”

Jenny Zeuschner
Founder and Creative Director of Vigorella

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