Many business leaders across Australia have come through our doors as individual guests and have commented on how powerful the Golden Door experience was for them. They would commonly say how recharged they feel, motivated for change with a greater appreciation of their health and wellbeing. Whilst formally a corporate wellness program did not exist, it become clear that the transformational effects of the Golden Door program played an important role not just at home but in the workplace. With the support of industry experts and many valued Golden Door clients we have fine tuned our offering and are excited and proud to deliver our amazing Corporate Wellness Programs.

These include:

  • 3 night Motivate For Change
  • 5 night Optimal Corporate Wellness
  • 7 night Corporate Health Enhancement

These can be taken individually or in small groups (up to 16). Also on offer is:

Tailored Management and Executive Programs (for groups up to 16 or book out the whole retreat 60 – 120)
The key benefits of a Golden Door Program to your workplace include;

  • Refreshed and inspired individuals or teams;
  • Improved mental health and resilience;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Less absenteeism;
  • Greater openness and approachability;
  • More motivated, driven and enthusiastic;
  • Grateful and appreciative.

Golden Door’s proven retreat programs of more than 21 years consisting of empowering workshops, healthy nutritious food, fitness activities and mindfulness will help individuals and teams to develop a range of positive skills that are essential to effectively manage their everyday lives and realise their potential in the workplace. The wellbeing of the workforce from the Managing Director to the trainee is crucial in creating a competitive advantage for business whilst having a positive impact on the communities that business supports.


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