At Golden Door we believe that when you live a healthy, inspired and fulfilling life your capacity to perform at your optimal best is greatly increased. Personal wellbeing is paramount to achieving professional success.

Our comprehensive health and wellbeing programs offer the opportunity to remove the distraction of typical daily challenges in the workplace or the home, and to focus on health and wellbeing goals so that individuals are better equipped, energised, focused and less stressed to optimise their performance at work and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

The key benefits of a Golden Door Program to your workplace include;

  • Refreshed and inspired individuals or teams;
  • Improved mental health and resilience;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Less absenteeism;
  • More motivated, driven and enthusiastic leaders (ripple effect); and
  • Greater perspective and ability to perform at ones creative and strategic best.

Golden Door’s proven retreat programs of more than 23 years consist of empowering workshops, healthy nutritious food, fitness activities and mindfulness to help individuals and teams to develop a range of positive skills that are essential to effectively manage their everyday lives and realise their potential in the workplace. The wellbeing of the workforce from the Managing Director to the trainee is crucial in creating a competitive advantage for business whilst having a positive impact on the communities that business supports.

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