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David Ball | Golden Door Australia

After 15 years experience leading and facilitating Wellness Retreats at Golden Door Health Retreats.

David Ball established a unique life mentoring consultancy just for men

Drawing on the distilled wisdom of the 7000 men he has mentored, David’s vast experience enables him to share the tools that enable men to navigate life well, avoid stress and burn out and focus on what matters most to them sustainably.

Many of David’s clients are surrounded by a lot of noise. When men fail to strike the right whole of life balance, the consequences can be devastating for themselves, their families and their work. David doesn’t know it all but mentors a sustainable way forward for men to align their personal and professional life, which enables men to have a bigger lens to look at life through.

David’s approach is refreshingly practical, rooted in evidence based science and has direct application in everyday life.

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