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mathew johnstone | Golden Door Australia

Matthew is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author and illustrator of 9 books.

He is a world class speaker and a regular presenter and Specialty Retreat facilitator at Golden Door. Matthew has spoken at Google, the World Health Organisation and his work has been endorsed by Edward deBono, Stephen Fry and the W.H.O. Matthew is the director of his own company called Drawn From Experience.

DFE works alongside some of the best minds in the mental health and wellbeing field and takes complex issues such as mental health, resilience, stress and mindfulness and turns them into easy to understand imagery which then become books, talks, videos and wellness initiatives.

As a facilitator at Golden Door, some of the things that Matthew will help you understand are:

  • That mental issues, although difficult; have one of the highest recovery rates in any health condition known to man.
  • That we are not the sum total of our stress, anxiety or depression. That great understanding, meaning, purpose and resilience can come from such experiences.
  • To live life with less stress, to understand that we will never stop stress; it is after all, a part of life.
  • Rather that we look at it like an ally, to listen to what stress is trying to tell us and then take proactive steps to cool its jets.
  • Learn a lateral approach on how to ‘Quiet the Mind’ through meditation and understanding mindfulness through photography.

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