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Melinda Overall | Golden Door Australia

What about Diets & Detoxes?

With a myriad of books and products on the market the diet and detox industries are worth multi-millions of dollars in Australia.  Each product or new diet professes to be ‘the one’… but not all diets work and some detoxes can be dangerous.

This presentation explores why there is not one perfect diet that fits us all.  As well as looking at detoxification, including our body’s role in the process, when you should/should not consider diets and whether a more holistic diet and lifestyle review is a more sustainable way to go.

Melinda is a fully qualified Nutritionist and lecturer in nutritional medicine. Her aim and passion is to help people obtain optimal health and well-being through education and diet & lifestyle coaching with minimal supplementation.

Following a health issue of her own several years ago Melinda recognised the importance of food as medicine and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Melinda believes that education is the key in empowering people to reach their best possible health and to minimise their reliance on practitioners.

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