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Michelle | Golden Door Australia

There may be many wellness practitioners stepping into the space of health and food but there are not many nutritionists who come from busy corporate backgrounds, have three kids and who really can understand busy peoples’ requirements for health, happy hormones, and vitality.

Michele is a wellbeing expert, nutritional medicine practitioner, author and international speaker but she just likes to be known as a health expert who takes a modern- and modest-day approach to wellbeing.

Corporate wellness is her forte. Michele was previously a marketing manager at Microsoft, so she truly understands the needs of time-poor corporate executives who, family or not, want health but not hassle.

Michele speaks to corporations and organisation around the globe on how to improve our vitality, energy, productivity, balance and a happy healthy brain. Michele shares tangible take home messages in a light, non-extreme way. Her ability to take the latest science and craft it into a message of wellbeing is her gift to us.

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