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Rhiannon Rees - Guest Speaker

Life is a choice and the choice is yours – so what are you choosing?

10 years ago, Rhiannon Rees was living in a tent making $500 a month and within 18 short months she had increased her income over 8000% to $40,811.00. It’s not about the money, this is just our temperature gauge, it’s about creating the very life you deserve.

There is a huge amount of power to be extracted from Rhiannon’s life story. It’s a journey defined by learned wisdoms that emerge from a life of hard knocks.

Rhiannon knows better than anyone that life can be tough. Her story is honest, raw and vulnerable and a testimony to the fact that if you think it has to stay that way, you need to think again. Rhiannon will cover:

  • How your life choices might be shrinking or reducing the quality of the experience of your life and you may not even be aware of it.
  • How we are creatures of habit. We like to keep things “comfy”. What if the happiness we seek exists in an experience that we are not “comfortable” choosing?
  • How do you value your time? Are you thinking you have 10, 20 or 50 years? Or do you value every second of your life? Every moment that you breathe?

Today Rhiannon moves from a place of personal responsibility, anti-ego wisdoms, gratitude, abundance, success, and a whole lot of tough love insights that are peppered through her story.

Rhiannon is a business and corporate coach, elite performance and sporting coach, human behaviour expert, public speaker, author, regular contributor to news and print and is ranked in the Top 30 Global Coaching Guru for 5 years running. It was Rhiannon’s personal suffering that led her to search for answers, ultimately studying human behaviour for twenty years.


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