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At Golden Door, our vision is to create a space where everyone feels welcome, inspired and motivated to move.

With the most comprehensive range of activities throughout the day, we provide the facilities and expert team to help build a community that embodies movement and empowers you to reach your full potential. We do this by improving your health and knowledge, building your strength, increasing your aerobic capacity, improving your flexibility or kick starting your weight management and leaving you glowing with vitality and wellbeing.

Following are just some of the activity options you can explore during your visit. Activity options may vary due to weather or practitioner availability.

Fitness Movement | Golden Door Australia

Lower Intensity


The best way to understand the benefits of meditation is to experience them for yourself. Meditation has been practiced across cultures and religions for thousands of years. During a meditation retreat, you can benefit from even small sessions to help calm your mind, better manage stress and gain skills and understanding for living a more peaceful, joyful life.


Improve muscle tone, balance, strength, coordination and posture with our fun stability ball body therapy. Build your core strength and balance with techniques that are excellent for abdominal and back muscles. Learn in the class and then take away invaluable skills to develop for use at home or in the office.

Myofascial release and stretch

Learn a simple technique to reduce muscle soreness, release tension, and realign the body using a foam roller. Work with us in the studio, learn the theory behind the technique and be empowered to take the teaching home with you and continue benefiting from the practice in your daily life.


Achieve a positive movement experience and develop a deeper understanding of your body’s inner strength with our low impact pilates workout. Our classes focus on flexibility, strength and balance, helping to activate your core and improve spinal alignment through slow controlled exercises.

Stability Class

Join us in a welcoming exploration of joint stability and the important role it plays in our lives. You will learn, asses, and practice stability based exercises. Get maximum outcomes from your exercise routine while ensuring a long life of quality movement.

Tai Chi

Greet the morning on the stunning meditation hill with a true Chinese tradition of moving meditation in our Tai Chi classes. Promote a deep sense of calm and wellbeing by harnessing the natural forces of Yin and Yang through Tai Chi movements. Although Tai Chi is an artform with potential for great skill and knowledge, it is easy to learn and provides an immediate boost to wellbeing.


Follow in the footsteps of ancient Roman athletes, and everyday Italians in modern times, as you enjoy the social chemistry, outdoor atmosphere and relaxing pace of Bocce, an increasingly popular and easy to learn variant of lawn bowls.


Learn to enjoy your body, reach to the heavens and then ground yourself with gentle restorative floor work. Stretching is an ancient technique with unlimited contemporary application. Anyone can join our stretch classes to discover a new world of muscular flexibility and increased range of joint motion.

Fitness & Movement | Golden Door Australia

Learn how to improve flexibility, build strength, increase your immune response, align your body and deeply relax your mind with our yoga classes. Yoga is an ancient science of exercising the body, focusing on the mind and liberating your life force. With both beginner and experienced classes, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in a yoga meditation retreat experience that suits them during their stay at Golden Door.

Guided Walk
Walking tracks | Golden Door Australia

Awaken your body and mind with a scenic daily walk with our team before breakfast around the pristine grounds of a nearby golf course. With the walks graded and marked you will be able to measure your progress throughout your stay and challenge yourself to complete the longest walk prior to going home.

Fitness Movement | Golden Door Australia

Higher Intensity

Boot Camp

Embrace your body with an intense outdoor group fitness classes. Not for the faint of heart, this combination of high intensity cardiovascular, strength training and functional movement exercises is sure to challenge you to push yourself to your safe limits. Fresh air, a natural setting, and positive group energy makes this class a highlight for people who love hard exercise.

Cardio Box

Increase your hand-eye coordination and enjoy an invigorating cardiovascular experience with our partner boxing workout. Using gloves and focus mitts the emphasis is on honing your punching technique, stance and footwork. Mentoring also includes body weight exercises and cardio drills.

Deep Water Running
resort style pool | Golden Door Australia

If you’re looking for a movement experience that helps strengthen your body and builds flexibility without putting pressure on your joints then our aqua exercise class may be just what you’re after. Using a flotation device that suspends you in the water this is an effective aerobic workout, with added resistance. No stress to joints and muscles, suitable for anyone who has physical limitations and suitable for non-swimmers.

Gym Circuit
Fully equipped gymnasium | Golden Door Australia

Keep your heart rate elevated and develop improved muscle tone with a total body workout using both resistance and cardiovascular training machines. Through this unique combination, you can enjoy a time efficient shortcut to overall conditioning and increased wellness in both body and mind.


Enjoy the great outdoors with fresh air and stunning scenery. Hiking benefits your heart, mind and body. Lower your stress levels, improve your mood and enhance your mental wellbeing when you join our physical education team on Saturday morning for a 10km hike through some of the beautiful landscapes of the Hunter Valley.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor cycle room | Golden Door Australia

Join our indoor group cycling experience to have fun and get fit. Indoor cycling helps you lose weight not only by burning kilojoules but through its potential to strengthen and tone your body, creating a greater muscle mass to burn more energy at rest. Our class incorporates a fun, athletic cardiovascular cycling workout, which will leave you feeling invigorated, de-stressed and full of vitality.

Indoor Hockey

Have fun and socialise with a friendly game using plastic hockey sticks and puck. Everybody’s welcome and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You don’t even need any prior hockey skills to get involved. It’s a great way to burn some energy, strengthen your heart and lungs and have a laugh all at the same time.

Racquet Sports
Tennis Court, Relaxation, Sport Activity at Golden Door Australia

Have fun in a supportive environment with a relaxed game of badminton, tennis or table tennis. This activity is suitable for all abilities and has something for anyone who loves a social game. Don’t know how to play? No worries, we’ll teach you the basics.

Tennis Fit

Contact our Wellness Coordinators to organise a booking on one of our two synthetic courts and enjoy the many health benefits of playing tennis. As well as an opportunity for fresh air and fun, getting active on the tennis court can help you lose weight, increase your cardiovascular fitness, build strength and flexibility and improve metabolic function.


Join the fun and get involved with one of our volleyball sessions which is a great way to get active and socialise at the same time. No contact, no skill required, just an enthusiasm to get involved and have some fun. Our Golden Door rules allow anyone and everyone to join in and have a laugh.

Water Polo

As with all of our team games, during water polo you’ll be having too much fun to notice what a great full body workout you’re getting. It’s easy and safe for anyone to get involved thanks to our no contact, unlimited swim rules with buoyancy aids for extra support.

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