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December 4, 2014
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Five Benefits Of Yoga That Will Surprise You

It’s no secret that Yoga is good for you with the most popular benefits being to improve balance, de-stress and to gain flexibility. However by practising Yoga regularly you can gain so much more. Here are five benefits of Yoga that may surprise you:

  1.  Mindfulness. Although Yoga postures are fabulous for physical health and wellbeing, Yoga actually evolved as a discipline primarily of the mind; the goal of Yoga is in fact a clear and calm state of mind
  2. Improve Relationships. Yoga will improve your relationships. We don’t practise Yoga to get better at Yoga, but to get better at life. Nowhere is this more true than our relationships. In fact, improved relationships are a measure of progress in our Yoga practice. Over time we notice we are becoming less reactive, better listeners and communicators, more patient, more kind, more truthful.
  3. Strengthen Immunity. Yoga helps stave off illness – from the inside out. There’s numerous ways Yoga does this. The relaxation and breathing practices of Yoga induce the relaxation response which is when repair work happens in the body. When we are constantly stressed, most of our energy is used up and our immune system never has the opportunity to reboot. In addition, going upside down helps the flow of lymph in the body and the bending, twisting actions of many of the postures nourishes the internal organs, improving digestion, elimination and the purifying work of the liver and kidneys.
  4. Lower Your Golf Handicap. Yoga can help you on the golf course. Yoga can help with sports performance in many ways, both physical and mental. For golfers, core strength, improved balance and an extended range of movement in the spine and trunk are just some of the benefits of regular Yoga practice. Then there’s the mental edge. Through meditation, breath work and cultivating awareness, we learn to stay present, focused and calm and this can give golfers an edge.
  5. Improve Your Sex Life. Yoga can improve your sex life! The postures tone the body and bring greater awareness and blood flow to … everywhere! The breathing and relaxation techniques help shift tension and teach us to let go of busyness and distractions, all important for being present in our bodies and with our partner. 

GeraldineArticle by Geraldine Coren
Geraldine has taught extensively in Yoga studios, corporate, health, private and retreat settings in Sydney and Newcastle since 2000. Geraldine also has over three years’ experience teaching Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing, Stress Management and Sleep Promotion at the Golden Door Health Retreat – Elysia, where she is known for her nurturing teaching style. She brings energy and passion to sharing the teachings and benefits of Yoga, along with her own insights from nearly 20 years of practice, with her students

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