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September 7, 2015
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September 9, 2015
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Get outside and active this spring

Spring is here! After a long winter, coming out of hibernation can be difficult and it’s often hard for us to get back into movement and exercise routines.

As seasons go spring time best demonstrates the ‘Goldilocks effect’. It’s not too cold or too hot, it’s not too dark, too early or late, and social and family engagements aren’t too hectic or too far between. As far as getting active out of doors spring is the best time.

With comfortable temperatures and often the more stable weather patterns, September through to November is a great time to re-connect with the games, sports, and activities that we love as a participant not a spectator. With the added option of being group based activities we can also reconnect with friends or family.

Here are some ideas to get outside and active this spring:

Try stand up paddle boarding
On your own or in a group this challenging but fun activity allows you to get all the fitness benefits of other paddling sports plus is great for your core and balance, and also allows you to see so much more as well. Perfect as a morning activity when the water is glassy and nature is waking up.

Go for a bike ride
No need to don the lycra. Dust of the treadly and hit your local trails or cycle way. With the explosion in popularity of cycling, both on road but particularly mountain biking, there is a proliferation of trails and cycling routes popping up everywhere. Cycling is a great cardio workout, but most importantly great for the brain. Get out there and see the world.

Kick a ball
With four professional football codes in this country it’s obvious we have a passion for kicking a ball. No need to play the game, just get down the park with friends or family and have a kick around. Great for gross motor skills and heaps of fun.

Go for a walk
No equipment required. Local walkways, park lands, beaches and bush tracks allow us to see the world at a pace so we can take it in. Connecting with nature while getting a bit of cardio, perfect spring time exercise.

Tony 210 x 251By Tony Bell, PE instructor at Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia


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