BrigidBrigid Walsh

General Manager
Many of our past guests of Golden Door Health Retreat in Queensland would already fondly know Brigid from her role as Program Manager over a period of six years. For many, she played a major part in their life changing experience, positively influencing and inspiring thousands during her time there.
Brigid’s extensive experience in the health, fitness, wellness and sports spheres spans more than 20 years.  During this period she has established herself as a reputable and passionate industry leader, inspiring and motivating others along the way. Brigid has held senior management and leadership positions within government, private and not-for-profit organisations, including The Australian Sports Commission, National Heart Foundation, Queensland Health and Golden Door Health Retreat Queensland.
With qualifications in management, sports science, health & wellness coaching, group fitness, PT and yoga, Brigid uniquely fuses her intrinsic knowledge of the industry with an evidence-based and holistic approach to wellbeing education, training and coaching.

Jaye 210 x 250Jaye Hoelscher

Head of Program and Guest Experience 
As Head of Program and Guest Experience Jaye has a vested interest in health, fitness and holistic living. She holds qualifications in Adventure Outdoor Education, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training and Group Fitness, Flower Essence Therapy.
Jaye’s journey into sports and fitness began at an early age, she travelled the world as a rock climber and outdoor educator, before returning to Australia where her interest in the concepts of positive psychology, wellness and life balance became her passion, she then become part of the Golden Door Queensland program in 2009.
Jaye lives and breathes the Golden Door philosophy, bringing her compassionate, optimistic and fun-loving nature to deliver the unrivalled Golden Door program, changing lives each week together with her exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate team members.

Peter Rule 210 x 250

Peter Rule

Holistic Health Services Manager
Peter is a holistic health practitioner and has been in practice since 1991. He has studied, practiced and taught many modalities of natural healing, body work and energy healing in health retreats and wellness centres in Australia, including Golden Door Willowvale in Queensland for a number of years.

Peter has a passion for education and enjoys inspiring others to make healthy positive changes to their lives. Via naturopathy, holistic wellbeing consultations, energy healing and presenting to groups he aspires to assist his clients using both tried and tested science-backed strategies, but also complimentary and integrative medicine to achieve ultimate health for body, mind and spirit.

Integrating the Golden Door philosophy of Body, Mind and Spirit, Peter utilises the modalities of yoga, meditation, Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Bio-Communication and Naturopathy and Crystal Light Bed Therapy. ‘As Holistic Health Services Manager, I look forward to further developing the holistic health foundations here at Golden Door as a facilitator, presenter and consultant to assist in personal growth and transformation for both guests and staff.’

James Knight

Executive Chef
As executive chef of Australia’s leading health and wellness retreat, James lives and breathes the philosophy of ‘the door’. With a passion for food and wellbeing in his own lifestyle he brings enthusiasm and commitment into the kitchen every day.

James has an inherent love of quality produce and has worked in the food industry ever since he was old enough to clean the floors in the family butcher shop. As a classically trained chef, he has gone on to gain experience across all areas of the industry and kitchen management.

James is passionate about nurturing a healthy kitchen environment for his team; a kitchen in which the menus are produce driven with a focus on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. He sees food not only as a means to support and nourish but also a way to connect with friends or soon to be friends in the case of Golden Door guests.

The role of the kitchen at Golden Door extends further than serving wholesome meals at the dinner table. As our guest at the retreat, you will also have the opportunity to interact with the kitchen team through cooking demonstrations, presentations and consultations. This enables guests to not only taste ‘real food’ but provide education and tips on selecting produce and preparing healthy meals when returning home.

During his cooking demonstration with guests, James helps simplify the way they look at healthy eating. ‘We sort through all the conflicting messages around our health and wellbeing and of course the latest fad diets! But really I’m trying to get people back in their kitchens, cooking real food that will nourish and delight.’

MattMatt Rendall

Movement and Fitness Manager 
Matt was destined to have a life in fitness, having two professional athletes as parents. Training and a healthy way of life was what he was surrounded with and after playing state cricket and soccer in his teens, his competitive spirit took him into mountain biking and triathlons at 22. After a cycling trip around Australia, he returned home to study fitness and began his career at Golden Door  in 2004. He enjoys taking the ‘Movement that Matters‘ seminar, Men’s Health, cardio vascular fitness training and functional training exercise classes.


Melissa Ingram

Clinical Health Services Manager
Mel has worn many hats at Golden Door and is currently our Clinical Health Services Manager. She studied physiotherapy at Sydney University and has completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and Wellness Coaching. Mel was attracted to the holistic nature of Golden Door Health Retreat, joining the team in 2004. She brings her wealth of experience to offer specialised services in wellness coaching, physiotherapy and a range of private classes including myofascial release and swim stroke correction.



Tony 210 x 251

Tony Bell

Fitness Instructor
Tony’s passion for the health and fitness industry began at the age of 16 when he worked weekends at his local fitness centre in the Blue Mountains. Tony studied Human Movement specialising in exercise physiology. Tony then completed a teaching diploma, adding another string to his bow that would allow him to not only become a stronger fitness leader but also a motivating presenter. Throughout these years he also developed into a well-rounded outdoor education specialist, teaching secondary school students and corporate groups to abseil, rock climb, canoe, and confront their fears on high ropes courses.This exposure to corporate groups fit in well with the evolving business of the Golden Door that was branching out into the corporate market. Based at Cypress Lakes Resort, the Golden Door Corporate Health Team provided corporate groups and conferences a wide variety of exercise classes, team-building activities, and health-based seminars. With the opening of the Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia in early 2004 the natural progression for Tony was in place, coming on board as the Physical Education manager, a role he has continued to enjoy and see great value in to this day.

Rebecca Mehew

Movement Coach
Rebecca (known to the team and guests as Bec) joined the team on January 1st, 2017 after putting it out there to the universe that her dream of working at The Golden Door would become a reality…and after 12 years of hoping her dream came true! Sport has been Bec’s whole life and she always knew she was meant to be a Miss Motivator! (Within her first 6 months with the team at GD she quickly adopted new nicknames…. one of them being the Smiling Assassin’) Bec grew up in the UK and became a figure skating at the grand age of 3 years old where she continued competing up until she was 19 years old when she decided she needed a ticket to travel the world and gained a 4-year PE Teaching Degree. After just 2 years of using her skills in the UK she started teaching in International Schools and has taken her enthusiasm and love of everything sport to children in Dubai, USA, New Zealand, France, UK and Vietnam. Throughout her teaching career she also freelanced as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and a Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor in various countries, including Les Mills in New Zealand – always keeping her dream of living in Australia and working at The Golden Door by the time she had reached the big 40 at the forefront of her mind! A living advocate that dreams really do come true!

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