Each month the team at Golden Door Australia will present their favourite Apps available for your mobile device to help you get the Health, Fitness and Nutritional guidance you need when you are not at the Golden Door.


Lotus Bud Meditation Timer and Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell compliment each other wonderfully. Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell keeps you present througout the day and Lotus Bud Meditation Timer helps you with your establish a regulare sitting practice.

“Considering we can have 70,000 thoughts or more over a 24hour period, it’s very difficult to remain constantly in the moment if you lead a busy life. This wonderfully simple app randomly creates a gentle reminder for us to engage with where we are, what we’re doing, who we’re with and where our mind is at. So take ‘a moment’ and down load this app – it’s free.” Matthew Johnstone, Internationally acclaimed author, illustrator, speaker and creative director of the “Black Dog Institute”.

Lotus Bud Mindfulness


Propel your meditation practice from the cushion into the world. Modeled after a practice in Buddhist monasteries, Mindfulness Bells are a powerful practice to remind you of your intention to be mindful. Activate the Mindfulness Bell and it sends you gentle reminders of your intention for your practice through the day.




LOTUS BUD MEDITATION TIMERLotus Bud Meditation timer

Regular meditation positively impacts your sense of well being and contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle.







Calorie-Counter-MyFitnessPal-Icon 150 x 150


MyFitnessPal is a free and easy nutrition and fitness system that helps anyone achieve good health. With a large food base ( over 4,000,000 foods), and fast food and exercise entry this app is easy to use and will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.







Record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling your life a simple pleasure.

“This app allows you to record photos, places and journal entries. It reminds you each day it’s ‘time to write in your journal’. It’s a gorgeous idea and helps me to find honesty in how I’m feeling, remember special events and to show gratitude for the opportunities I have in my life. And look back on it all later” says
Jaye Hoelscher, Program Manager




Alcohol and your brain


This health education App explains the physiological effects of alcohol on the developing brain. A 7 minute video with captivating 3D animations, voice over & graphics, takes you on a guided tour of the anatomical structures of the brain, to educate about what happens to specific structures in the brain when alcohol is consumed in excess. This information will equip the viewer to make informed choices in relation to alcohol consumption.

“The information in this video will allow the viewer to make informed choices in relation to alcohol consumption and is a great tool for parents and teachers to educate a younger audience on the dangers of excess alcohol consumption” Kath Naylor, Retreats Registered Nurse





Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all ability levels and ages. Easily track pace, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more! “Map My Run is a great way to measure and track your workout, set challenges and achievable goals”, says Jaye Hoelscher, Program Manager.




Bupa Food SwitchFOOD SWITCH by Bupa Australia

It’s hard enough to work out which are the best foods to choose when the supermarket offers thousands of options and sometimes many variations of the same item. Even deciphering the nutrition label itself can be a challenge. By simply scanning the product’s barcode the FoodSwitch app will give you the nutrition informational of that item and then list all the healthier alternatives you could choose from. It is quick, easy and accurate. A winner in my book for time poor, health conscious people, says Executive Chef David Hunter.


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