HeadshotfBriWilliams-webBri Williams

A popular presenter, author and contributor to leading publications, Bri is a CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology who runs People Patterns, a consultancy specialising in behavioural skills for individuals and businesses.
Our success in life and in business depends on our ability to change behaviour, either our own or someone else’s. Habits are the key to daily living, underpinning productivity, health and wellbeing. So why are good ones so hard to make and bad ones so hard to break?

One of Golden Door’s key presenters, behavioural specialist Bri Williams will help you understand;
• The power of habits: why we rely on habits
• Making habits: how habits form
• Breaking habits: how to change habits


Matthew Johnstone-webMatthew Johnstone

Matthew is an internationally acclaimed author, illustrator and speaker and a regular presenter and Specialty Retreat facilitator at Golden Door. When Matthew is not creating books or a keynote speaker at international and Australian based events, he is the creative director of the Black Dog Institute where he creates and delivers educational programs on mental health with some of the best psychologists and psychiatrists in the mental health field.
As a facilitator at Golden Door, Matthew and co-presenter Dr Kris Kafer will help you understand:

  • Our Mental Health – what happens when we lose it, how we can regain it and build resilience
  • To live life without limitation through better communication, relationships, understanding, passion and purpose
  • Learn how to ‘Quiet the Mind’ through meditation and understanding mindfulness through photography


Nicola Gates-webDr Nicola Gates

Dr Nicola Gates has been improving individuals’ psychological wellbeing through mindfulness and life-behaviour for over 20 years as a registered psychologist, as well as in media and education. Dr Gates is a neuropsychologist, speaker, author and trainer promoting a mindful life for total brain, mind (and body) health. She combines neuroscience with positive psychology and mindfulness, translating complicated research and science in a clear and dynamic communication style with practical application.

Her passion and enthusiasm for health promotion and mental and physical well-being comes through inspiring and motivating behaviour change.   Her priority is building resilience and mindful awareness, and reducing risk of the 4 ‘D’s’ in life – depression, disease, dementia and disability -which are largely due to life-style.


140502_Clarety_001-webClare Robinson

Following training as both a Business and Wellness Coach with the Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology and Wellness Coaching Australia Clare continues to work with leaders in both a corporate and personal capacity. She combines coaching with a serious love of yoga, meditation and raw food cooking which inspired Clare to developed a program of coaching called The CLARETY System. This system is all about creating the space to lead in all areas of your life and fuses good practices in movement, mindfulness and connection with yourself and others.

The CLARETY System is an insightful conversation where you work together with Clare to gain clarity on where you are at and, where you would like to be, in certain areas of your life eg, your relationships, work, self and so on. We then understand the obstacles and formulate a motivating plan to move you forward to start creating the life you want.


Mel Overall low res 170 x 190 corporate wellness website

Melinda Overall

A very popular presenter at Golden Door, Melinda is a fully qualified Nutritionist and a Lecturer in Nutritional Medicine at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.  She is passionate about helping people to obtain optimal health and well-being through education and diet and lifestyle coaching with minimal supplementation. Melinda aims to educate and empower people and to support them on their journey to their best possible health outcomes.

Melinda’s presentations look at dispelling myths and misunderstandings about food, fad diets and detoxes, and review the different types of nutrition issues that generally confuse consumers.


David Ball-webDavid Ball

After 16 years experience leading and facilitating Specialty Retreats at Golden Door Health Retreats, David Ball has established a unique wellness consultancy with former corporate lawyer Ken Lewis called Sunshine on Legs. David’s area of expertise is Men’s Wellness and the fundamentals of ‘Living Well in Leadership’. They help high performance men achieve a life balance so they are effective leaders of themselves, their work and their family.


David’s vast experience uniquely positions him to share with clients the tools and processes that are proven to navigate life, avoid stress and burn out and achieve balance.


brad-webBrad Thompson

Brad has made his life’s work the study and practice of agelessness. He has trained and taught Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong for over 35 years and been a Feldenkrais Practitioner for over 20. He lives and teaches on the Gold Coast from his own school and also has been involved with Golden Door Health Retreats for over 20 years. He is active in the corporate world and regularly teaches his specialty programs at Golden Door Elysia.


Many of the patterns of habitual movement and behaviour that we accumulate along the way in life may actually be the cause of stiffness and pain that we just presume is part of getting older. Brad’s specialises in using a series of ingenious Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness Through Movement) lessons to organise oneself more efficiently to move through life more comfortably and effortlessly. He incorporates simple yet powerful lessons in Breathing, Qigong and Meditation that helps individuals to:

  • Improve breathing and posture in sitting, standing and walking
  • Increase self awareness and gain greater comfort and flexibility
  • Learn a complete daily qigong practice for energy and vitality
  • Develop mindfulness and meditation techniques for deep relaxation

Dean M-webDean Monk

Dean Monk is an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Martial Artist and worked for 16 years at the Golden Door Health Retreat in Queensland (he is now based in Melbourne). Dean specialises in the ‘Degeneration of Vitality’ and how this affects Stress, Posture, Breathing, Sleep and Digestion.



Dean facilitates topics covering:

  • Introduction & Fundamentals of Vitality (Understanding the Pattern, ‘It all comes back to Vitality’)
  • Qigong & Breathing techniques (Fastest way to Recharge the Battery & Calm the Mind)
  • Stretch Therapy (Rewiring the pattern in the Brain; The key Stretches that affect our Posture, Breathing & Vitality)
  • Iron Monk (fundamentals of Human Movement, Kung Fu & Iron Shirt Qigong),
  • Food Therapy (Eat according to the character of the Person, Food, Season & Weather)
  • Self rejuvenation techniques (Manage your health by incorporating Meditation, Anmo-Tuina & Qigong Massage Techniques)


111_Barbara BarkleyBarb Barkley

Barb is a Facilitator, Executive Coach and Strategist who cut her sports management teeth and leadership philosophies with the Brisbane Broncos.

Barb’s roles as CEO of Womensport Queensland and National Manager of the Telstra Foundation, enable Barb to engage with you through a leader’s perspective, to help build your organisation’s leadership capabilities to reach peak performance.

As a facilitator at Golden Door,  Barb helps both Profit-focused and Purpose-driven organisations to:

  • surface your shared purpose  – in Simon Sinek’s words – your WHY
  • clarify your vision of WHERE you are going; and
  • help you understand HOW you could get there.


Charlotte Thaarup-Owen 170 x 190Charlotte Thaarup

Charlotte has designed and facilitated mindfulness workshops (APS, Australian Psychological Society endorsed) locally and abroad. Charlotte has over 20 years experience in facilitating change and personal and interpersonal development as well as leadership training and providing 360 feedback. Charlotte is a registered and accredited mediator and has worked at executive level in both the public and not for profit sectors. She has facilitated Mindfulness for the past 8 years through retreats, workshops and coaching.

The Director of The Mindfulness Clinic, Charlotte Thaarup-Owen, (Dip Mediation, DipEd (London University) MBSR, MBEAT, CBMT) is an internationally experienced clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. Click here for free resources, mind-training audios, training and more retreats.

If you would like to learn more on mind training or mindfulness, take a look at Charlotte’s upcoming Mindful Leadership specialty retreat at Golden Door.


Michelle Chevalley Hedge 170 x 190Michele Chevalley Hedge

Michele is a qualified nutritionist, author and presenter.  She runs a busy clinic practice in Sydney and New York, A Healthy View. Michele writes for many health publications including Body & Soul, Prevention, Cosmo, Marie Claire , Wiley Publishing and more. Michele is often presenting  on tv and radio messages from the World Health Organisation on sugar, health and cancer. Michele’s second book will be out at the end of the year, Hormone Rebalance- weight, mood, energy, brian & libido.

Michele is a mother of three busy, hungry kids and understands that families want to be healthy but also do not want extreme advice or programs. Michele introduced this year one of the only nutritionist guided online programs for busy families, Low Sugar Lifestyle 28 day online program for busy people – low sugar, not no sugar. This program went global immediately as there is a world of families that desire physical and mental health but do know where to begin.


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