At Golden Door we believe that food is one of life’s greatest sources of pleasure. We also believe that being open to embrace eating the right kinds of foods, exploring new tastes and textures and preparing foods in the healthiest possible way is essential to wellbeing.

We live in a society of excess – life moves at a fast pace and our health and wellbeing can become neglected. Our world class program will help you get back to the basics, eating healthy nutritious food with more wholefoods, sensible portions and well-spaced meal times.

A stay at Golden Door gives your body a rest from red meat, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and saturated fat. We find our guests are less likely to go back to their usual excessive levels once they have had the opportunity to have a break from these foods and then reintroduce them sensibly and in moderation.

By sharing meals with fellow guests without the distractions of technology and day to day life, mealtimes are a chance to enjoy the simplicity of food and life. We also encourage mindful eating to help us appreciate what we have, to slow down and to be more in the moment.

Nutrition, exercise and relaxation are the cornerstones of the Golden Door philosophy and these combined, deliver a holistic approach to health and nutrition.

Want to try some of our delicious recipes at home? Click here to view our favourite recipes

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