Nutrition information for Chicken with Mushroom Quinoa


chicken & mushroom quinoa

Quinoa – Known as the mother grain. It has the highest protein content of all the grains. Digests slowly, contains B vitamins, needed for energy production, formation of new cells, transmission of nerve impulses, cellular membranes, genetic material and hormones as well as containing significant amounts of calcium for healthy bones, teeth and muscle and nervous system function.

Chicken – Good source of protein (approx. 21g/100g) and lower in fat (skin removed).

Mushrooms – Strengthen the immune system and provide natural resistance to disease. They also have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties as well as supplying a fair amount of potassium – needed for healing and blood circulation. Why not mix it up and use some maitake or shiitake mushrooms instead of your everyday buttons to boost the immune enhancing properties and increase the healing power of this dish.

Parsley – A great source of vitamin A, C and chlorophyll, helps reduce fluid retention (natural diuretic) and ease colic, indigestion & unsettled stomachs.

Tomatoes – A great natural source of chlorine which stimulates liver function, promotes protein digestion and maintains correct fluid balance in the body. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of lycopene, a carotenoid that has proven protective benefit against breast, prostate and lung cancers. Apart from this, tomatoes also supply sulphur, potassium, vitamins C, K & E as well as biotin (needed for energy exertion and prevention of cramps)

Onions – Contain sulphur oil, which provides an internal cleansing to the body – great for liver detox. They also contain natural antiseptic oils and have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory qualities. Onions are also beneficial for the digestive system – promoting the growth of good bacteria and reducing the detrimental bacteria.


EXTRA: Why not increase the nutrient profile and healing potential of this dish by adding a handful of spinach at the end; proving yourself with chlorophyll for cleansing, potassium for your muscles, vitamin K for proper blood clotting, folate for DNA production and protection and fibre for healthy bowels.

You could also add some lightly steamed broccoli for calcium and phosphorus to help strengthen bones and teeth. Phosphorus also helps maintain our body’s pH and is needed for energy production. Broccoli also contains some powerful compounds that can protect against certain types of cancers and helps to destroy the Helicobacter bacterium that is responsible for stomach ulcers. Its good levels of chromium stimulate insulin activity, so is great for protecting against Type II Diabetes.


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