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Our 10 Year Birthday celebrations are going off with bang and as part of our monumental event we are excited to announce we have launched our new Golden Door website!

It has a fresh new look, improved functionality, great for phone and tablet users, and includes loads of practical and useful information. Take some time out to navigate around and view our fantastic new videos, favourite Golden Door recipes and stay tuned for our online boutique coming very soon. Take a look.

As we roll into March there are so many exciting activities on the horizon including Charlotte Thaarup-Owen’s very popular Mindfulness & Wellbeing Retreat, David Hunter’s Healthy Cooking Masterclass – not to be missed and for all you blokes out there who need some guidance on how to build resilience to stress, David Ball’s Men’s Wellness Retreat is a must. More information

No doubt as you read The Path you are most likely on the go with a thousand things to do. However, every so often it is important to just Pause…..,Breathe…..,and Reassess what is important in your life.

As part of our birthday celebrations ten of our Golden Door staff and practitioners reflected on their number one health message. This wasn’t an easy task as there are so many key messages we could all share with you from our experience, however for me, narrowing it down to one, the big one, it would have to be don’t take your health for granted”. It never ceases to amaze me the boundaries we push, the bad habits that we form and then the years of neglect that evolves into what is perceived to be ‘a normal way of life’. Three key words which are instrumental in not taking your health for granted – Pause, Breathe and Reassess!

To help keep you on track and feeling fantastic we look forward to sharing our list of health & wellness tips over the coming newsletters. In this edition we feature Jaye Hoelscher and David Hunter’s top tips. Stay tuned for more…..

brigid_walsh_sigBrigid Walsh
General Manager, Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa Elysia.

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