NeuroSlimming with Dr Helena Popovic

  • Are you struggling with your weight or unhappy about your body?
  • Do you feel as though you’ve tried ‘everything’ but nothing has produced lasting results?
Be prepared to get a new lease on life, to re-ignite your spark, and to have more energy and vitality than you ever imagined possible. NeuroSlimming is the application of neuroscience to weight management and optimal health.  NeuroSlimming reveals how to thrive rather than merely survive in our manic, multi-tasking world. Learn more

Women’s wellbeing: Hormones, health & happiness with Dr Nicola Gates

Join Dr Nicola Gates, clinical neuropsychologist and author to learn how women’s hormones effect their brain and mind. Combining neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness this retreat is highly informative, engaging and life changing. Learn about the female brain, changes in a woman’s hormonal journey throughout life including menopause, and understand the things that impact women’s health and happiness. Develop essential lifestyle strategies, knowledge and mindfulness techniques so you thrive at every age and stage. Learn more


An end-of-year retreat to Reflect, Renew and Re-inspire. This retreat is a unique opportunity to invest in your inner wellbeing to support the creation of your “best possible self.” If you’re interested in your personal growth and development, and want to live a flourishing life, filled with positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment, this retreat is for you. Learn more


Visionboards promote personal development, healing and self-knowledge by allowing us to access our creativity, spontaneity, playfulness and intuition. On this retreat, through a series of gently facilitated workshops you will create a collage of images from magazines that speaks to you. We will then do some mindful writing to understand what our visionboards are telling us. Based on these visionboards, we will dream up our goals and aspirations for the coming year. Learn more

Men's Wellness with David Ball  

David helps men from all walks of life achieve a life balance between caring for themselves, their family and succeeding at work. During this workshop you will:
  • Learn how to build resilience to stress
  • Understand the importance and keys to sustainable wellness
  • Practice strategies to sustain your performance at work and home
  • Leave feeling positive and clear about your future. Learn more

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