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Friday 11 – Sunday 13 November 2016

Join internationally renowned author, illustrator and speaker, Matthew Johnstone as he hosts his  specialty retreat at the Golden Door. The focus will be on becoming mentally healthy, living life with a focus on wellbeing and developing resilience. Throughout the retreat there are giveaways and leave behinds.

Workshop 1 – Tough & Up: Becoming mentally healthy – why it’s so vitally important to look after our mental and physical health. This session also covers resilience and how to bounce back from adversity be it emotional, physical or experiential.

Workshop 2 – Stress Less: Harvard researchers have found that 75-90% of GP visits are caused by stress. Stress is a natural part of life but it seems we are more stressed than ever. Matthew Johnstone will be joined by Clinical psychologist Dr Michael Player to present an evidence based talk on how we can reduce, manage and live with stress.

Workshop 3 – Quiet the Mind: The last session is a lateral, creative yet practical guide to understanding meditation and mindfulness. If your soul aches or your mind is too busy this is where we learn how to take a moment.

About Matthew Johnstone

Matthew is a passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate and spends much of his time on the speaking circuit. Matthew is the Creative Director at the Black Dog Institute, where alongside some of the best minds in the mental health arena, he develops and delivers illustrated programs on mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

A video Matthew created for the World Health Organisation based on I Had a Black Dog for Mental Health Awareness Month is the most viewed video in the history of W.H.O and has had over 6 million views on YouTube. Matthew has written, illustrated and photographed 8 books, 6 of which have been international best sellers. In addition to creating books and doing talks Matthew is also a wellness and wellbeing coach, something which dove tails perfectly with all of his other pursuits and passions.

“Matthew has a unique way of connecting with people by sharing personal experience and giving advice on how to deal with challenges of everyday life. His work really makes a difference.” Anna Gunnhildur Ólafsdóttir, Framkvćmdastjóri Geđhjálpar, Iceland General manager.

About Dr Michael Player

Michael is a registered psychologist and an experienced mental health researcher. Michael is presently a researcher at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, conducting ground-breaking research on how stress affects the heart rate patterns of miners in Western Australia. He is also a key researcher in a number of international studies looking into the relationship between circadian heart rate patterns and various mental health disorders. Michael spent the previous six years as a researcher at the Black Dog Institute working on a number of studies focused on stress, depression and suicide. His underlying clinical philosophy is that people are the panacea for their own ills, and will find their own solution if they are assisted to remove the obstacles that prevent change from their path.


“Matthew shared his journey and knowledge with us with complete honesty and integrity. This workshop was invaluable”

“Matt’s message is one for all, he delivers it in a very understandable, creative and caring way. Awesomely excellent.”

“What an amazing man Matthew is – he is an empathetic speaker, doesn’t put any pressure on participants to do anything more than sit and listen.”

“He was funny, and his books are amazing. I am certain my light came back after listening to Matthew.”

“Matt showed us how simple but effective tools can create wellbeing and better mental health. “

“Best investment I’ve made in years.”

Add this Retreat to your stay for only $395 per person*




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