Joanne_Fedler 250 x 250Giving shape to your dreams, goals and aspirations for 2018

Monday 8 – Thursday 11 January 2018

Everything we imagine begins with an image. We don’t imagine LOVE or HAPPINESS or SUCCESS as a word, but we associate images with these desired states. An image is often subtle because it may not be literal, but deeply symbolic, much like those in dreams. When we create a Visionboard, we bring to consciousness a visual representation of our hopes, dreams and longings that can be surprising and inspiring because pictures offer us information that is beyond the rational and short circuits language. In this way, images help us to access our higher wisdom and the soul’s longing.

Visionboards promote personal development, healing and self-knowledge by allowing us to access our creativity, spontaneity, playfulness and intuition.

On this retreat, through a series of gently facilitated workshops you will create a collage of images from magazines that speaks to you. We will then do some mindful writing to understand what our visionboards are telling us. Based on these visionboards, we will dream up our goals and aspirations for the coming year.

During this retreat you will:

  • Design and create a visionboard;
  • Learn the technique of ‘dreamwriting’ in response to the images on your board;
  • Be guided to interpret what your images mean and the relationship between different images (is there a ‘story’ or ‘narrative’ developing on your board?);
  • Develop an understanding of how beautifully powerful your subconscious mind is in helping you envision where you want to be;
  • Reflect on the complete collage as a whole and what it might ‘mean’ for you;
  • Have fun (visionboarding is SO much fun).

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Joanne Fedler is an internationally bestselling author, retreat facilitator and writing mentor.  She has been designing and running writing retreats for six years, and holds them in Tuscany, Bali and Fiji. Her retreats are always sold out with waiting lists. Joanne is also a regular speaker and runs Lifewriting retreats at Golden Door. Joanne uses Visionboards in both her personal life and teaches others to use them no matter whether they are writing a book, looking for a new home, relationship or answer to a deep and complex subconscious question.

“Joanne creates a welcoming and energising atmosphere, enabling creativity, self-awareness and acceptance. I loved the experience of making a visionboard” – Robyn

“What a wonderful way to start the year with a clear vision and motivation to bring it to life” – Brigid

“Joanne’s passion and her words speak to that person inside you that needs to come out and ascert themselves without fear, with compassion to find truth and vision, trusting your own intuition” – Kate

“I learnt so much about myself and what I should do” – Jess

Limited spots available. Add this Retreat to your stay for only $445 per person.

Joanne will provide all materials for the retreat including boards, visual diaries, magazines, scissors, glue, journals and art materials.
As a final gift you will also receive a box of WINGS cards designed by Joanne (Words to Inspire, Nourish and Grow the Spirit).


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