Friday 17 – Sunday 19 June

Michelle Chevalley Hedge 250 x 250This nourishing weekend is for mums, daughters, sisters, cousins, grandmothers and all females.  Our lives are so busy that sometimes we just need to carve out time and this weekend provides just that.  A unique blend of girl time, laughter, nutritional workshops, walks, yoga, and pampering- everything that the heart needs to for complete nourishment.

Michele Chevalley Hedge is a Nutritional Medicine practitioner, international author, and Wellness presenter but most of all she is a mum of three hungry teenagers, a busy husband, and a dog.  She incorporates good humour into serious, delicate topics so she can help you be the best version of you.

Michele will interweave throughout the entire weekend; nutritional truths and how the simple act of eating can underpin our moods, energy, hormones, skin, ageing and more.  See why the editors of the top wellness magazines call Michele the ‘modern day nutritionist, who likes the occasional wine and coffee – the one who really understands busy women.’

Retreat outcomes:

  • Greater connection to yourself and the loved person you are bringing along
  • Increased awareness on all levels of nourishment – physical as much as mental
  • Gain ideas on how food heals and elevates without an extreme approach
  • Understand that good nutrition isn’t about extreme diets- far from it
  • Improve sense of self, relationships, moods, and energy.

Mental Health, emotional well-being and clarity of thinking are in my view all enhanced by Michele’s low sugar lifestyle philosophy. As a family we’ve kicked the habit (not hard) and its awesome! The science is all moving in this direction. For our own sake and the sake of future generations we need to address the “sugar” epidemic in all its manifestations. Michele and her team know what they’re about and practise what they preach. Bravo!” Peter Joseph, AM Chairman, Black Dog Institute.

For the yoga component of this retreat, Michele will be joined by Rosanna Lauria, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Nutrition Coach, Corporate Health Advisor, Speaker and Founder of Recipe for Health – empowering busy people to take back control of their health so they can get more out of life.

After building a successful corporate career and living a fast-paced life with no balance, Rose fell ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. Left bedridden and unable to enjoy the life she worked hard to create, Rose decided to take back control of her health to restore balance and energy in her mind and body. Through her studies and research, she discovered how to achieve true balance and happiness, becoming more energised, resilient and motivated than ever before.

Rose now helps busy people beat overwhelm, de-stress and re-energise, to get back in the driver’s seat of their life. Rose partners with workplaces to help their employees enhance their mental and physical health so they can reach their true potential. She also loves teaching yoga and meditation to give people with hectic schedules a glimpse of stillness and bliss in their day.

Add this Retreat to your stay for only $295 per person.

*The minimum age for all guests is 16 years.


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