Learn the meditative secrets to a more peaceful and satisfying life

Level 1: Monday 16 – Thursday 19 July 2018
Level 2: Friday 20 – Sunday 22 July 2018

A satisfying life has less to do with the right circumstances and more to do with the way we relate to life. In the Secrets of Meditation and Mindfulness retreat, you will learn simple and profound meditative techniques that create an inner environment of relaxation and receptivity, the foundation for a more peaceful and loving life.  Gentle awareness of your senses, breath, thoughts, feelings and subtle states improves your relationship with yourself and your world. Mindfulness, meditation in action, breathes greater relaxation and awareness into your everyday actions and interactions and awakens you to live more fully in the present moment.

This retreat is for you if you would like to:

  • Develop skills to de-stress and unwind
  • Allow greater perspective on the important things in life
  • Increase awareness and expression of your thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Enhance healthy breathing for vitality and relaxation
  • Promote confidence and improve relationships.

About Michael 
For guests who have appreciated Michael’s sessions over the years at Golden Door, this is a rare chance to experience the thread of relaxation, presence and joy that inspires his work. Michael began teaching in 2000, after 3 years in Indian ashrams where he lived and breathed yoga and meditation. Distilling these traditional teachings for modern life, Michael has been a retreat leader at some of the most acclaimed resorts in Asia Pacific, teaching for Chivasom (Thailand), Golden Door Health Retreat Elysia and Queensland and Fivelements Healing Centre (Bali).  Michael’s guided meditation recordings are highly rated on Insight Timer online app.  To experience one of Michael Hallock’s guided meditations for free, you can stream it from Insight Timer here: http://insig.ht/inspiringrelaxation


“Michael is an amazing teacher. To be able to help, educate, and articulate in a way that beginners can grasp is a gifted talent. All done with a great sense of humour. Thank you for sharing the secrets.” Laura

“I had zero knowledge of meditation previous to the retreat — I now feel like I can integrate all I have learned into daily life. It was incredible and extremely inspirational. I have a new outlook on life and look forward to a new perspective in life.” Tina

For a more in-depth experience continue to Level 2, where we will develop upon what we’ve learned and help to integrate the benefits into our daily life. Level 2 is open to all previous students of ‘Secrets of Meditation & Mindfulness’ Level 1. 

  • Add Level 1 to your stay for $395 per person
  • Add Level 2 to your stay for $395 per person.

For more information, contact our reservations team on 1800 212 011 or complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and why you wish to visit Elysia.


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