Nicola Gates 215 x 197Friday 2 until Sunday 4 October

A contented and satisfying life is achieved by what we think rather than the circumstances in which we find ourselves. From this retreat you will learn to use your brainpower to have a positive state of mind. Discover awareness of your brain-body-mind connection so you can have self-understanding and self-compassion, and to begin to live the life you want. By using simple and thoughtful meditative techniques know how to achieve calm inner space for relaxation and stress management. With focus and being present you will be less reactive, able to pursue your goals, and realise your true potential. You will also learn how living well changes your brain in positive profound ways and gives you a calm mind and capacity to manage life’s hurdles.

From this retreat you will

  • Learn how your thinking impacts your brain, body and mind
  • Develop skills to settle your mind, de-stress and unwind
  • Gain awareness of your body, thoughts & feelings, and mind so you become mindful
  • Master different techniques to relax and find inner peace
  • Prioritise what is important in your life and learn to live the life you want
  • Experience greater compassion for self and others

Dr Nicola Gates is internationally recognised for her work in neuroscience and psychology. This unique retreat combines Dr Nicola Gates’ experience in meditation, positive psychology and neuroscience. Her enthusiasm and passion combine knowledge and medical research with relaxation practice, meditation and mindfulness so you can achieve presence in your life, contentment and openness to joys. Dr Gates has been improving individuals’ psychological wellbeing through positive psychology, mindfulness and life-style for over 20 years. As a registered ethical health professional with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency no testimonials can be presented.

3 Day Workshop – beginning Friday 2 October  – Sunday 4 October. Add this Retreat to your stay for only $395 per person.

Limited places bookings essential, please call us on toll free 1800 212 011 or

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