Discover the secrets to looking and feeling your best through nutrition, happy hormones, positive thinking and a powerful body image.

Friday 19 – Sunday 21 October 2018

Join Michele Chevalley Hedge, International Nutritionist, Author, Presenter and founder of A Healthy View and Libby Allaway, Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, and CEO of Let’s Connect Women and Chic Image Australia as they take you on a journey of discovering your best you. Discover the connection between what you eat, how you think and how you feel and learn healthy habits that are so simple they become ingrained into your daily vibrancy & wellbeing.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand how food effects not just your weight but your mood & hormones
  • Increase understanding on how to make lasting changes to food and sleep.
  • Implement a wellness plan that is sustainable and habit forming- not a fad or short-lived.
  • Understand the impact between what we wear and how we feel
  • Increased awareness on the impact of self-talk and how to ‘positive-fy’ it
  • Improved relationship with yourself which has the butterfly effect
  • Increased self-esteem, self-care and self-preservation
  • Come away feeling inspired and motivated to create positive change. Discover the effect on your life when balancing the 3 elements of body, mind and soul

About Michele and Libby

Not very often are two women able to bring together such a spirited retreat that works on layers of wellbeing. Michele is often described as the ‘modern day nutritionist’ who takes a healthy view on life – not an extreme one. Michele was a marketing manager for Microsoft with three babies before she became a nutritionist- she truly understands a busy person’s needs to increase wellbeing but also include a sneaky treat.

Libby combines her 25 years in the fashion industry with her passion for increasing self- esteem in women through understanding body shapes, body awareness and acceptance. She is a mum, a wife and yoga lover and understands the correlation between what we wear and how we feel. It’s not just about fashion, it’s about gaining knowledge to increase our confidence and self- esteem. She is also the founder of Let’s Connect Women, an organisation established to support women to live a happy, balanced and successful life.

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