brad-webBrad has worked with the Golden Door for over 14 years and is our Tai Chi Qi Gong specialist. He also delivers the world renowned Feldenkrais teachings and has changed many lives by helping to improve physical movement and reduce pain to increase overall wellbeing. Brad is also passionate about Meditation and Breath Awareness therapy

Experience Brad’s amazing small group and individual therapies at Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia from May 10 – June 7

Feldenkrais – Functional Integration 50 mins
A one on one hands on session between student and practitioner. It is a more specific way to learn  how to change habitual patterns and move beyond limitations that may cause or support stiffness and pain. The student is fully clothed and the work is done on a low padded Feldenkrais table. Using gentle, instructive touch and handling the practitioner guides the student to discover previously unconsidered movement options that elicit new awareness and learning. Leading to better posture, greater comfort and enhanced flexibility, movement and breathing.

Feldenkrais – Magic Roll (Small Group Workshop)  50 mins
Using a special firm, yet soft blanket roll you will learn how to free your spine, neck and hip joints to unlock real core flexibity. Discover how to gain total back comfort and care for the rest of your life!

Breathing and Meditation (Individual or Small Group Workshop) 50 mins
Learn to maximise your breath to more thoroughly oxygenate your cells. Ancient techniques easily mastered and integrated into daily life for enhanced energy and greater relaxation. Discover how to meditate using breathing as the gateway into the void or empty mind state to achieve deep inner peace and happiness.

Breathing and Qigong (Individual or Small Group Workshop) 90 mins
Learn to restore natural breathing deep and strong from your diaphragm and how to integrate it into everyday life. Then apply it to simple yet powerful qigong practices to cultivate your body’s internal healing energy.

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