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January 28, 2016
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February 15, 2016
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Golden Door’s Health and Wellness picks for 2016

If you are yet to choose a resolution, a focus or a goal then perhaps one of our Health and Wellness Picks for 2016 may help inspire you.

  1. Mindful family time – Simple steps for a more mindful and happier family

Have you noticed that you spend most of your day on auto-pilot? Running from one thing to another and multi-tasking? And have you noticed how that makes you feel stressed and even short-tempered with your co-workers, partner and your kids? There is another way. Using mindfulness you can have a different life.  Here are some simple steps to a happier family life in 2016. Read more.

  1. Hour of power – take time to reflect

Taking time out for quiet reflection daily can be an incredibly powerful practice. Self-time helps us sift through mental noise, find clarity and build the coping stores we often need on a regular basis. So, pretty critical to take time out, right? Read more.

  1. Native food – Australia’s own super foods

Our native resources provide an invaluable source of plants, berries, fruits and herbs that are rich in nutritional and potential health enhancing properties. These foods are full of unique flavour, highly nutritious and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Over the past couple of decades Australian native foods have seen a revival with a variety of ingredients being integrated into contemporary restaurant menus.

Try our Savoury Quinoa and Warrigal Tart with Bush Tomato Chutney. Get the recipe.

  1. Book a healthy getaway – feel transformed

Invest in your health and lock in an annual health retreat getaway that offers a health and wellness program based on holistic principles.

Golden Door’s all-inclusive health and wellness programs have been developed to motivate change and give you the tools you need for lasting results. Your stay will include everything from informative seminars, a huge range of activities, rest, spa indulgences, relaxation and nutritious, healthy meals. For more information on our programs, click here.

  1. Barefoot training – shoes off and fancy free

At Golden Door our team trainers are multi-skilled and use a wide variety of techniques to engage our guests in fun and effective movement.

Training barefoot is often recommended during our outdoor activity classes, yoga and Pilates sessions and perhaps surprisingly to some, for much of our strength and resistance training also. Read more.


Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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