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September 23, 2016
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Make Yourself a Priority

“Honour yourself as an act of generosity to others” Joanne Fedler

I have some imaginary glasses for you. Won’t you join me in putting them on? We are about to enter a world of possibilities where we are at one with life, where we feel connected, loved, energised and in flow. It feels effortless and most of the time we are at peace with ourselves and those around us.

If you take the glasses off now, what do you see for yourself? A healthy, fulfilled and inspired life or a daily grind and struggle (think exhausted, irritable and numb)?

For the majority of guests I meet, most fall into the latter group and some are at their tipping point, in crisis.

You’d think taking care of ourselves is a no brainer. But the truth is it’s hard to put into practice, especially on a regular basis. I’d say most of us understand and value the importance of self-care and often the intention is there to make our health and wellbeing a priority, but for some reason it just doesn’t go to plan. Life gets busy, there is never enough time, challenges arise, others come first, motivation slumps and… you know the rest.

When I speak to guests about their self-care practices some tell me they feel guilty when they take time-out. As we rationally know this does not make sense because if we do not take care of ourselves, who is there for the special people in our lives when we are exhausted or fall apart? One of our golden thoughts on this topic is to let go of the guilt and to re-frame self-care as an investment in your relationships, or as Joanne Fedler says so beautifully, honouring yourself is an act of generosity to others.  By simply looking after ourselves better we become stronger, wiser and healthier.

There are other people I have met whose self-care practices fall off the radar because they are so focussed on the fulfilment in serving others. This is often at the expense of replenishing themselves, which can lead to exhaustion. Sounding familiar? I can certainly relate to this and I think there are many people who are passionate, who are deeply caring and perhaps have an unrealistic expectation to be all things to all people that need to be mindful of this.

Having effective boundaries and knowing your tipping point is crucial. So is reflection time to give due thought to your daily decisions and how it impacts your health. The key is to determine what’s ok and what’s not. Draw a line in the sand.

Here are some thoughts to leave you with….

When I speak to guests about their self-care practices some tell me they feel guilty when they take time-

  • Self-care isn’t something you do once and tick off the list;
  • Taking time out is not wasting time, in fact it is essential in reaching your potential;
  • Implementing a few self-care rituals every day is a good start;
  • Have a hobby you love doing;
  • Be conscious of your daily decisions, especially ones you make now that take effect down the track, they could be setting you up for exhaustion;
  • Self-care begins with self-love.


Article by Brigid Walsh, General Manager, Golden Door Elysia, Health Retreat & Spa, Hunter Valley

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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