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April 2, 2015
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April 2, 2015
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Fill up with Mindfulness

Do you feel that you know a lot about food, nutrition and diets?  Perhaps even too much!  Are you frustrated that all that knowledge doesn’t ever seem to bring your eating under control

For many people gaining weight is not lack of knowledge, it’s a disconnection from the body and emotional awareness as well as a lack of sound self-management tools in relation to habits and addiction.  In other words, it’s hard to manage something we are not aware of. This is of course why diets don’t work. In fact going on a diet is one of the sure predictors of future weight gain or other challenges around body, weight and food.

Anxiety around food arises when we eat mindlessly. We keep shoveling mouthful after mouthful in the elusive pursuit of pleasure. What we often don’t realize is that the pleasure is in the first bite and eating that first bite mindfully can be enough to satisfy the desire.

When we are present, connected to others and experiencing joy, we are less likely to overeat.  And the reason for this is a hormone made in the brain called oxytocin.

Recent research by Dr. Elizabeth Lawson of Harvard Medical School shows that oxytocin tends to make us eat less due to feeling satisfied sooner.

Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone” as it is linked to feeling contentment, calm, trust, and connection with others.

Oxytocin is released when we laugh, when we enjoy singing, dancing, have a massage, orgasm, breast feed, when we feel love, we feel connected to a community, partnership and/or family.  In short, oxytocin is released when we drink in life, when we can truly say “I am full of life, I am life!

How often have you eaten something that you have looked forward to eating and then before you know it, you wonder where it went?  The missing piece is presence; being aware and focused in the experience.

One of the participants on our ‘Six Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing the Mind’ program commented that already after the first day of the program, she had enjoyed her evening glass of wine more than ever before, and as a result she only had one glass.

I have recorded a special guide to eating mindfully to help you prevent overeating. It’s called the “Delight Bite” and I’d like to offer it to you as a gift – you can see it here.

The deligh bite


Article by ChaCharlotte Thaarup-Owen 170 x 190rlotte Thaarup-Owen. B. Teach, DipFDR (Vic), DipMeditation, DipEd (London University) MBSR, MBEAT, CBMT.

Charlotte is an internationally experienced clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. Click here for free resources, mind-training audios, training and more retreats!

If you would like to learn more on Mindful Eating, take a look at Charlotte’s upcoming Mindful Eating at Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia this September 7-11

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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