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March 6, 2017
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Must Corporate Wellness be exclusive from our overall sense of wellbeing?

Corporate Wellness or Wellbeing in the Workplace as a concept, is being explored within many different organisations. Wellbeing initiatives ranging from superficial (albeit well-meaning) attempts through to thoroughly researched and intensive opportunities are now being engaged amongst plenty of the professional sector.

There is a myriad of stuff happening; the introduction of regular mindfulness practices into the working day, movement opportunities for teams, ergonomically diverse work stations and in-depth personal wellness evaluations combined with follow up coaching or therapeutic consultations in order to effect positive change.

There are so many positives to seeing personal wellness taking shape in the workplace and organisations recognising the importance of taking care of their employees. But when we consider ‘corporate wellness’, how is that actually different from just good old fashioned ‘wellness’? Is the corporate world simply catching up on what we’ve known forever about taking care of our personal wellbeing – that it’s damn important? Perhaps.

Golden Door has been providing ‘Corporate Wellness’ to its guests for 23 years, since inception. Corporate professionals have always made up a significant proportion of our guest numbers.

In November 2014 Golden Door launched its official Corporate Wellness Program as a response to a clear need and growth within the marketplace; Corporate Burnout is being recognised as a real thing (because it is), employees and employers are sitting up and taking notice and are now taking measures to produce positive outcomes for both team members and businesses alike. And what we at Golden Door have the opportunity to offer is not just a rushed yoga class at lunch, but precious, coveted time out for deep personal reflection within an environment that supports and nurtures this reflection and offers tools for evaluation within the whole scope of one’s life.

Many, many of our professional guests have become long term return guests (lifers or repeat offenders as they are affectionately known to us) because of the incredible results they leave with time and time again through experiencing our immersive holistic wellness program.

Over the years through working with these professionals, what we know is that our corporate self is not at all separate from our actual self. These two facets of our being are not mutually exclusive – particularly if we are personally driven by our careers or our ability to connect through our work.

The Jaye I am at work displays different needs and wants to the Jaye I am at home – which is healthy, realising my need for diversity and the importance for cultivating loving, personal relationships outside of my working environment. However, when it comes to my overall wellbeing, if the ‘at-work-Jaye’ is struggling hard and coming apart at the seams, surely the ‘at-home Jaye’ is unlikely to be functioning at peak performance or feeling rosy. It makes sense. I am who I am, I have the ability to wear many hats in life, but the energy and essence of me cannot always be separated. Sometimes we’re great at compartmentalising, and sometimes it’s important to leave one hat at the door when you don another, but the whole ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it’ routine will become burdensome before too long and then our ability to authentically relate becomes compromised.

The beauty of an immersive experience at Golden Door is that it allows any person – corporate or not – an opportunity to step away from the confines of their everyday environment, to regain an honest self-perspective and to re-engage with a sense of themselves outside of their roles and responsibilities of daily life. ‘Who am I when not identifying with my roles at home?’ is a powerful question that many of our guests ask to help realise personal values and the importance of devoting time to really cultivating them. With this break from reality, guests can make room for rediscovering choice – choice in thought, in movement, in action and response. And realising choice, particularly when it comes to taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, is the ultimate power.

Article By Jaye Hoelscher, Head of Program and Guest Experience

As Head of Program and Guest Experience Jaye has a vested interest in health, fitness and holistic living. She holds qualifications in Adventure Outdoor Education, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training and Group Fitness, Flower Essence Therapy.
Jaye’s journey into sports and fitness began at an early age, she travelled the world as a rock climber and outdoor educator, before returning to Australia where her interest in the concepts of positive psychology, wellness and life balance became her passion, she then become part of the Golden Door Queensland program in 2009.
Jaye lives and breathes the Golden Door philosophy, bringing her compassionate, optimistic and fun-loving nature to deliver the unrivalled Golden Door program, changing lives each week together with her exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate team members.

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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