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Bloodstone Crystal


This Bloodstone Crystal by The Goodnight. Co well encourage you to Stress Less and Live longer.

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Known as the sun stone, Bloodstone is a calming crystal with protective and nurturing virtues. It has been treasured throughout history as a talisman of good health, as an aid for alleviating stress and enabling restful sleep.

Use it to inspire vitality, quash self-doubt, and boost your enthusiasm and drive. Instilling you with courage, comfort and strength, Bloodstone will support you to life a long and healthy life.


Keep nearby when you sleep, and use during meditation. Bloodstone works hard to remove negative energy from around you, so make sure run your crystal under cool water every one to two weeks to re-purify it, and recharge it under the full moon.

Approximate size: 4-5cm

Please note that size and clarity may differ, as they are natural gems making each one unique.

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