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Questions and Answers with return guest Sally Walker

Over 35% of our guests keep coming back to Golden Door. We decided to ask one of our long-time return guests Sally Walker what keeps her coming back. Read Sally’s story below:

What does Golden Door mean to me? / Why I choose Golden Door
Sally:  I have visited the Golden Door several times. The first time was when I had a very stressful job; I had put on a lot of weight and I was not looking after myself at all. The Golden Door’s nutritionist wrote an eating program for me; personal trainer wrote an exercise program and all the staff and several guests gave me the confidence to put my plans into action. In less than a year I had lost 22 Kilos and I was feeling much better. I have visited the Golden Door several times since that first, life-changing experience. I come when my mind, body or soul need some support. For me, the Golden Door means supportive staff, great fellow guests, amazing healthy food and excellent facilities.

My perfect time to visit Golden Door is…?
Sally: I like coming at the end of the year/ beginning of the next year as this helps set my intentions for the coming year – a Golden Door visit at this time is much more likely to work than New Year’s resolutions alone! Having said that, over the years I have also enjoyed visits at different times of the year – in summer the pools are lovely (the Physio taught me to swim laps) and during one visit in winter a personal trainer taught me how to get the best use from a rowing machine.

The most important benefits I gain from my 7 day Golden Door experience are….?
Sally: In the 7 days, I get time to think about how I am going to incorporate what I have experienced and learned at the Golden Door into my everyday life when I leave the Golden Door. I always feel wonderfully fit in mind, body and soul when I leave after 7 days and the benefits seem to last for a long time

What I would say to someone who is thinking of visiting Golden Door for the very first time….?
Sally: Just do it! I was very apprehensive the first time I visited. I wondered if the staff or other guests would judge me, but that was definitely not the case. The staff are wonderful and I have always found the other guests supportive and interesting. I have kept in touch with some of the people I have met.

I have visited Golden Door ………. times?
Sally: Quite a lot ! I began my Golden Door journey at the Golden Door in Willow Vale, but now I love Elysia in the Hunter Valley.

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