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May 18, 2017
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Seven unexpected spiritual gifts that come from writing

I didn’t start writing to become a better person. I started writing because I wanted to be a famous author. I wanted fanmail and book signings and royalties. I was young, and my ego thought it knew the way.

On the path, I’ve had fanmail, book signings and royalties, and those have been fabulous in the way that a new cocktail dress and stilettos are fabulous. But they’ve not been the lasting or true gifts my writing has given me. As I’ve stayed with writing, through good and hard times, we’ve grown together – like partners in any relationship of intimacy. Here are seven unexpected spiritual gifts I’ve been given:

  1. Imagination – empathy
  2. Shadow work – writing into the shadow
  3. Letting go – deletion
  4. Slowing down – quietening
  5. Authenticity – knowing who I am – so I can find my authentic writing voice.
  6. Self-knowledge: I have felt my own hunger – until I have put words on the page, I have often not known the texture of my own pain, the mottled shifting currents of my own deepest longings.
  7. Trust in what is invisible, intangible, trust in the labour and the grace that flows from it.


Article by Joanne Fedler

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