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Thriving Through Menopause – A Brain Smart Talk over Breakfast

Hot flushes destroying your sleep and leaving you tired and overwhelmed during the day? Finding yourself being forgetful and losing track of conversations or being indecisive? Feeling disconnected from the people you love, or feeling anxious and a bit down?

Menopause is associated with physical changes, brain changes, and psychological emotional changes. No wonder every day feels different. However, menopause is not generally talked about despite its impact on the lives of the majority of the population. As a result women often do not know how this transition phase can lead to changes in their body, brain and emotional wellbeing and health.

Menopause is due to a lowering of oestrogen due to turning off of ovaries at the end of reproductive years. But oestrogen is involved in more than reproduction – it is a major brain player. In fact both men and women have oestrogen in their brains as it plays a significant role in the brain-body including cardiovascular health, bone health, and off course in brain function.

As a result when the body & brain start to run on empty- lowered oestrogen- it causes a number symptoms and discomforts. Importantly, menopause can be a period of risk for some women to develop stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, and brain function. Lifestyle factors can worsen symptoms. On the flip side healthy life style factors also improve women’s wellbeing and reduce symptoms.


Join Golden Door’s Affiliated Practitioners Dr Nicola Gates and Mel Overall Wednesday 11 February 2015 in Sydney CBD as they present a myth busting seminar providing information on menopause and important strategies to reduce symptoms and improve physical, mental and brain health through diet, stress reduction and more. See more details below.


Thriving Through Menopause

A Brain Smart Talk over Breakfast

The ending of a woman’s reproductive season can be a see saw journey from peri-menopause to post menopause. Symptoms of mood swings, sleepless nights, anxiety, hot flushes, stress, forgetfulness, and more, impact upon women, their partners / families, and work-life. Understanding what this process involves provides the perfect opportunity to prevent some common issues from occurring, manage symptoms pro-actively, and reach your full potential. In this seminar you will learn about the underlying hormonal brain and body changes, and importantly
the strategies you can adopt to not only manage menopause but to flourish. Topics covered include mindfulness, mood and mental health, exercise, diet and nutritional supplements.

Dr Nicola Gates, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist, has dedicated her career promoting optimal brain, mind and body health. With over twenty years’ clinical experience she translates complex medical research into an entertaining and accessible presentation, and uses a wealth of real-life examples and practical strategies.

Melinda Overall, Nutritionist and Lecturer, is passionate about helping people obtain optimal health through diet and lifestyle, and applying food as medicine. With a Human Resources background she has been delivering corporate presentations providing practical and dynamic information to assimilate into daily life.

Date: Wednesday 11 February 2015
Venue: The Grace Hotel (Wilarra Room) 77 York Street Sydney
Time: 7:00 registration for a 7:30am start
Cost: $70.00 (includes breakfast) / Early bird $60.00 (register and pay before 11 January 2015)
To Register:

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


  1. Thurman says:

    Look over the 5 precautions below and see if any apply to your lifestyle:.

    In such cases, merely putting them back on a proper and planned
    protein-rich diet with oral supplementation of iron can stop alopecia.
    It comes in a sublingual tablet and is body friendly.

    Feel free to visit my site [Thurman]

  2. julia Miller says:

    Are you having another seminar on Menopause in Sydney this year or next 2016. Could you please let me know of any up coming events regarding peri and menopause?
    thank you regards Julia Miller

    • Golden Door says:

      Hi Julia,

      We hope to have Dr Nicola Gates and Mel Overall join us in the Hunter Valley for their popular specialty retreat ‘Secret Women’s Business’ which covers menopause in 2016. We will post more information on our website once this is confirmed.

      If you would like too see what talks Dr Nicola Gates has coming up you can view them on her website

      Thank you,
      Golden Door Team

  3. Sandy says:

    will there be another event this year?

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