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With our team of lifestyle experts, you now have an empowering opportunity to redefine your relationship with your body.

As our Weight Management Program guest you will receive individual care, emotional support and take-home tools that can help you achieve long-term sustainable weight management.

This unique program is structured to provide you with tools to positively redefine your relationship with your body, through understanding individual motivations behind food choices, movement patterns and everyday behaviours.

You will engage one-on-one with our specialist facilitators, whilst participating in our renowned, immersive health retreat experience – all designed to provide you with an evidence-based, holistic approach to powerful personal change. Get ready to love your body again!

Your 7-night Weight Management Program package includes:

  • Luxury villa accommodation with stunning views of the Hunter Valley
  • Welcome Consultation on the day of your arrival
  • Specialty health and wellness cuisine (all nutritious meals and snacks)
  • One 50min Nutrition consultation;
  • One 50min Behaviour Change Coaching consultation;
  • One 50min Personal Training session with InBody Composition analysis
  • One 50min Remedial Massage
  • Personalised analysis of results and take-home resources for continued success
  • Daily program of health education seminars and workshops
  • Diverse selection of group movement activities plus relaxation and mind-body classes
  • Use of all facilities including 25-metre indoor heated lap pool, outdoor resort-style pool, floodlit tennis courts, fully equipped gymnasium, indoor yoga and meditation studios plus outdoor relaxation and activity areas
  • Access to all the spa facilities including steam room, spa bath and relaxation lounges
  • Complimentary transfers to and from Newcastle and Sydney airports at set times each Sunday (please enquire about times when making your reservation).

Our 7-night Weight Management Program commences every Sunday.

7-night Weight Management Program Rates Per person $1000 off

  • I bedroom villa – single $4,905 – $3,905
  • 1 bedroom villa – twin share $3,925 – $2,925
  • 2 bedroom villa – multi share $4,045 – $3,045
  • 3 bedroom villa – multi share $4,170 – $3,170

A health warning and a desire to re-discover my dreams by George Morstyn

I visited Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat three times between January and September 2017. As a result of my visits I became focused on a 23 day exotic trip around the world run by National Geographic. I could afford it financially, but I was concerned that altitudes of 14,000 feet, hikes and rapid time zone changes might prevent my ability to savour every moment. What to do?


I was determined to go and was supported in my journey by Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching practitioners at the retreat and found a renewed sense of purpose to lose weight. I thought my heavy body could not enjoy this trip and I wanted to be able to undertake the high altitude walking and diving options. I also knew my eating habits would mean I would gain weight on such a trip.

During one of my visits to Golden Door I was forced to realise I had become too comfortable with my personal trainer at home. Mel, a Golden Door Wellness Coach emphasised to me that I had to ‘hate my trainer!’ I returned home and told him this which resulted in an increased intensity of subsequent sessions that led to sustained hatred… although weekly visits to the 1000 steps and hundreds of cockatoos in the Dandenong’s helped.

I’d also seen Nutritionists at the Golden Door and realised my weight gain was really a result of ‘caloric stress therapy’. The clue for me seemed obvious and was to farewell bread in all its delicious forms, reduce my intake of fruit and try to focus on proteins and vegetables.

I stopped eating as though every meal was the last of a condemned man.

The outcome was wonderful. Weight loss of 30kg from January to October (easier to achieve from a heavy base) allowed an amazing journey, visiting sites occupied by man over the last 4 million years in 11 world heritage locations and visualising the tools, footsteps or edifices left behind. The unexpected was meeting beautiful people ranging from a New Zealander woman who lived with a Bedouin, to a granddaughter continuing the family business of discovering ancient human fossils, to Buddhist monks and untouchables living in a village in India.

Have I changed? Not really. I’m still the same fundamentally.

Still prone to binge eating in response to stress, still the person who could eat a bucket of ice cream in a single sitting. However I’m more able to compensate and forgive my own transgressions and perhaps most importantly I’ve become more mindful of myself and those around me.

It’s not Golden Door or its beautiful location in the Hunter Valley, but really the people who work there and the guests I meet that create for me a temple that allows confession, forgiveness, a non-judgmental place where truths emerge and each day promises a new beginning. I wish more could afford it, benefit from it, since nothing has helped me as much as regular retreats into this temple of magic.

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