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Wellbeing benefits and the importance of attending a health retreat

We have a saying here at Golden Door – “health is either your greatest asset, or your greatest liability”

Our expert team of health practitioners have a strong passion for holistic wellness and believe that balancing one’s mind, body and spirit can help to achieve a sustained, lifelong wellness.

A stay at Golden Door Health Retreat is not only a physical and mental escape from the busy day-to-day stressors that our growing roles and responsibilities present, it is a sanctuary to nurture, restore and rebalance.

A stay at Golden Door Health Retreat allows guests the space to find adequate rest and relaxation, to be nourished with food for the soul and movement that inspires reaching greater heights.

The Golden Door is a retreat to gain a broader perspective on personal values – time and again guests arrived physically exhausted, emotionally dishevelled and mentally numb yet leave feeling totally reinvigorated, teaming with creativity and with a sense of being reconnected with the person they truly are.

Allow us to be a part of your health journey and make your health your greatest asset.

JayeArticle by Jaye Hoelscher, Program Manager, Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa, Elysia

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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