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Participate in a daily program of life education seminars and empowering workshops.

These research and evidence based educational experiences help support you to build a solid foundation for personal growth, work life balance, empowerment and for learning new habits and techniques designed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Relaxation | Golden Door Australia

Preparing For Change

Guests often find there is a gap between wanting to be physically, mentally and spiritually well and their day to day situation.

This seminar will give you an eye-opening insight into your current work life balance and help you to explore new ways of being: how to implement change, recognise hurdles to overcome, as well as increase wellness behaviours to become your best possible self.

Building Resilience

In our busy lives we have all felt the effects of stress at different points along our journey.

This session will provide you with tools to identify, manage and ultimately bounce back from stressful situations and to live out the truism: “life is as easy or as hard as you think it is”.

Fully equipped gymnasium | Golden Door Australia

Movement That Matters

This session provides a theoretical background for physical activity.

This includes methods on how to evaluate your fitness level, as well as learning how to identify the most time efficient options to maximise your health and wellness activity and approach from a physical movement perspective. This session reaches those who are considering new forms of activity to support weight loss, recovering from illness or injury, enhancing performance or ageing well.

Fully equipped gymnasium | Golden Door Australia

Men’s Health

About men, for men, with men.

This seminar openly presents information on key topics surrounding men’s health and wellbeing. With open forum discussion about health related issues confronting you and contemplating what lies ahead. You will leave this seminar more informed and aware of body as well as better equipped with practical strategies to take control of your health.

Fully equipped gymnasium | Golden Door Australia

Women’s Health

A women focused and led workshop suitable for all ages.

The women’s wellbeing seminar is an inspiring exploration into the simple changes you can make today which will contribute to increased daily health. Learn to understand the importance of your hormonal balance and self-worth.

Wellness Seminar | Golden Door Australia

Let’s Talk About Sleep

This seminar covers what is known as sleep hygiene.

Our sleep facilitator offers information regarding the causes of tiredness or fatigue, how to quantify good sleep and tips to optimise your sleeping habits. If you have concerns about the sleeping habits of yourself or a loved one, this session is for you.

Wellbeing Seminars | Golden Door Australia

Understanding Your InBody Body Composition Results

Firstly, book in for your InBody Body Composition Analyser session.

Included with the scan is an exclusive small group workshop so you can obtain a complete understanding of the results and possible avenues to take to address each area.

Whether you’re looking to set new goals for weight, fitness or just looking for a benchmark to guide you to the correct nutrition and/or physical course of action to work towards an optimal body composition, then this seminar is for you.

Healthy Eating | Golden Door Australia

What We Eat

An in-depth look at what we eat, health issues faced by Australians today, with an up to date look at the foods that give us optimum health and those best avoided.

Provides a simple message and knowledge of food as medicine to encourage us all to improve our diets by eating moderately from a wide range of wholesome foods.

Personal Action Plan

Bringing together significant and powerful learning from your week at Golden Door, this session will have you creating a personal action plan to implement when you return home.

Goal setting, reflecting on your stay and different aspects of your life then creating an achievable framework within which to accomplish your goals. Find solutions to work with life challenges as part of a comprehensive reflection and exciting action plan for the future.

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