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What is Wellness Coaching?

Australia is becoming increasingly interested in wellbeing due to the overwhelming evidence of our own ill health. Obesity, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and poor eating habits all contribute to this picture of poor health. This is where wellness coach can help. A wellness coach has the ability to support positive choices around building resilience to better cope with stress, increase movement, manage weight and promote healthy nutrition.

What is Wellness Coaching?

If we define wellness as the balance of body, mind and spirit, living successfully and ageing gracefully, then wellness coaching is the process by which we gain all of that. We are obviously very familiar with the use of coaching in sport but the role of a wellness coach differs in that there are more subtle methods used that don’t involve ranting and raving, or even giving ‘advice’. Rather a wellness coach will support, encourage and facilitate change in the direction you would like to move.  It is often about the introduction of healthy behaviours and includes small steps towards implementing healthy behaviours into a lifestyle often already crammed full of ‘other stuff’.

Who can benefit from Wellness Coaching?

Often the self motivated seek assistance from a wellness coach to fine tune or tweak life behaviours. In fact wellness coaching is available and beneficial to everyone. Having someone support your desire to change, help you become aware of barriers that might be in the way, work out strategies with you on how to move around your barriers and help you overcome the inner negativity that often gets in the way. It will allow you to take control of your own health and wellness by looking at the way you live and how to introduce small improvements that actually make a difference. Wellness coaching is simply a process designed to make positive choice easy to achieve – it prioritises YOUR wellness.

What will you get out of a Wellness Coaching Session?

You will take away a new sense of motivation and empowerment, as well as a plan to start implementing positive change. It will allow for barriers and provide strategies on how best to overcome them. You will feel encouraged to take responsibility for positive life choices and encourage you to better care for you.

5 benefits from Wellness Coaching:

  • A positive outlook on life
  • Better ability to communicate
  • Feelings of gratitude
  • Desire to move and be physically active
  • Improved ability to adapt.

Golden Door provide Wellness Coaching sessions as part of their Corporate Wellness Program and sessions are available in the mainstream 3, 5 & 7 night programs. For more information on Wellness Coaching, click here.



Article by By Mel Ingram, Wellness Consultant and Retreat Physio – Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa Elysia

Please note: This blog is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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